Nightmare Superman joins the champions of Infinite Crisis, bringing everyone down

Infinite Crisis adds Nightmare Superman

Nightmare Superman – Infinite Crisis’ newest champion – is a bit of a downer. After getting into a scrap in the Phantom Zone, Supes was infected with Phantom energy, turning him into a wraith-like being who looks like he’s going to a retro-futuristic rave. It that crime against fashion wasn’t bad enough, when he returned to Metropolis he discovered that everyone had become a mindless phantom. He was pretty gutted and went mad, as you do. 

So he moodily wanders around the city mourning everyone and being shit at parties. But he’s taking a break from all of that to beat up a random assortment of heroes and villains in arenas – everyone needs a hobby.

Nightmare Superman is a Controller, using his Phantom energy to annoy the hell out of his foes. His passive allows him to possess enemies when he dies, weakening them, and he can spring back to life if they die while possessed, which sounds rather neat.

He makes his Infinite Crisis debut on April 9th, when you’ll be able to take him for a spin in the open beta, trapping people in Phantom Zone prisons while crying about failing everyone in Metropolis.