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Devotion dev’s new Sekiro inspired game shoots up Steam charts

Nine Sols heads to a mystic land, fills it with 2D platformer action inspired by Sekiro and adds a ton of story. Also you’re a warrior cat.

Devotion dev’s new Sekiro inspired game shoots up Steam charts: The main character from Nine Sols looks down at a butterfly.

Developer RedCandleGames has had a troubled time in recent years. Its first game, Detention, was a well received horror experience. Then, the big issue came along. Followup Devotion received a ban in China, which saw the game pulled from Steam and denied a GOG release. The developer is now back with Nine Sols and this time around things seem to be going in a better direction.

Released earlier today, Nine Sols is currently performing well on Steam with positive reviews trickling in along with a healthy player count in the thousands. The action platform game has a lot going for it, with an intoxicating mix of themes and genres all wrapped up in some of the most stunning visuals I’ve ever seen in a 2D title. Also you play as a cat, did I mention that? You’re a cool warrior cat. If that doesn’t entice you in, nothing will.

The biggest draw is definitely the combat. Nine Sols is based around a Sekiro-style deflection system that rewards waiting, watching, and parrying at just the right time. You’re only a small warrior cat, after all, so you can’t go toe-to-toe with the biggest baddies out there. Instead you’ve got to turn weapons against themselves, using your foe’s strengths to bring them down. Then, when they’ve been battered and bruised after failing to hit you, it’s time to strike. If Hollow Knight took Dark Souls as its inspiration, you can definitely see how Nine Sols is a reaction to the more samurai-focused approach of FromSoftware’s later game.

What really helps to elevate Nine Sols, especially for those coming by to take a peek at the game, is its visual style along with its worldbuilding. Set in a sci-fi universe the developer terms “Taopunk”, this game mixes together futuristic technology with far eastern mythology. Early reviews point to this being an incredibly important part of the experience, with a huge story and plenty of lore to chew on. Combine all that with hand-drawn animations which drip with life and finesse and you’ve got a game that feels utterly polished in every aspect.

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Nine Sols is out now and you can save 10% as an introductory offer until Tuesday, June 4. Head over to the game’s Steam page to check it out for yourself.

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