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Nioh gets mouse and keyboard support this week

nioh mouse keyboard

I’m never too fussed if my games don’t let me manage, say, ambient occlusion to the most minute detail. But hey, I get it, part of PC gaming is all the customisability. You can make a strong argument that action games like Nioh are designed and optimised around controllers, but boy it’s sure nice to have the option of playing games with PC’s natural keyboard and mouse inputs.

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Nioh launched on PC earlier this month without that particular feature. That’s less than ideal but at least it’s getting corrected now, as proper mouse and keyboard support will be part of the game’s next patch, launching November 30.

More specifically, that means camera and action controls can now properly be binded to mice, and key bindings are now also customisable. It’s weird to celebrate a feature that probably should’ve been there to begin with, but at least it’s there now.

Nioh: Complete Editionbundles the game and all its DLC into a single collection for PC players, and even if the port has some rough edges it seems a worthwhile way to see what the samurai Souls-like has to offer. Plus there’s an adorable, entirely stupid Steam helmet to wear. What’s not to love?