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505 Games announces new slice-of-life cyberpunk game Nivalis

505 Games announces their new cyberpunk life sim game Nivalis from developer Ion Lands, which features voxel art and player choice about how to live their lives

Nivalis - a neon-lit cyberpunk city bar with voxel art

New cyberpunk game Nivalis from Ion Games is a slice-of-life simulator taking place in the titular city of Nivalis, the setting of Ion’s previous title Cloudpunk. The life sim game is being published by 505 Games, and its announcement trailer showcases a person going about their day in the neon-drenched streets.

Players can choose how to spend their time in the city – explore the world, hop in a flying car, rent a new apartment in midtown, run a bar and choose if they want to water down the patrons’ drinks for a bit more profit, meet a variety of characters and make friends, go fishing, and much more. The game features day and night cycles along with a realistic weather simulation.

The idea of just living out your day-to-day life in a cyberpunk city certainly sounds very appealing. But life isn’t all sunshine and roses – gangs are roaming the streets looking for unsuspecting suckers with organs to harvest, the Corps that run the streets will fine you for so much as breathing, and the city itself is precariously positioned over an ocean and the very ground under your feet threatens to crumble and fall apart at any moment.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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