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No Man’s Sky gets new ships, worlds, and enemies in huge free update

No Man’s Sky, the gigantic RPG game from Hello, just got bigger with new ships, tech, wonders, and more arriving in the free NMS Interceptor update.

No Man’s Sky gets new ships, worlds, and enemies in huge free update: An astronaut in a high-tech suit stands in a purple-coloured landscape from RPG game No Man's Sky

And so, the No Man’s Sky redemption arc continues, as another huge, free overhaul for the Hello RPG game arrives on PC and Steam, bringing new enemies, shops, worlds, and loads more to the already expansive NMS-verse. The latest No Man’s Sky update, Interceptor, arrives today, building on Expeditions, Waypoint, and all the recent Fractals to make the long-running space opera better than ever.

Interceptor looks to expand No Man’s Sky with some new environments and accompanying lore. A new form of geological and environmental corruption is spreading through the universe, transforming the landscape of NMS’s many, many planets, and birthing new, powerful enemies. If you find a corrupted world, distinguishable by their bright purple weather and topography, expect to find rare crystals, crashed ships, and unlucky guardians twisted into monstrous, hostile lifeforms.

Hello Games also promises – and I quote – “huge spider-like enemies and their small crab-like children.” If that doesn’t sound horrifying enough, new corrupted drones become one of No Man’s Sky’s most fearsome enemies to date, combining high-power weaponry with stealth camouflage. Set phasers to ‘run.’

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Collecting scrap from Interceptor ships gives you new upgrade options based on Sentinel technology. There’s an anti-gravity well, something called a crimson core, and the opportunity to use new tools like the Sentinel jetpacking to navigate on-planet.

Enormous Sentinel Capital ships now patrol the cosmos, presenting the toughest dogfights you’ll have experienced yet, but defeating one of these weapons-heavy behemoths will instantly clear your wanted status.

You can also create your own custom wonders catalogue, curating all your best finds, from flora to fauna, in a personal section of the wonders logbook. There are performance and visual improvements, and No Man’s Sky’s VR integration has been improved with wrist interface controls and some graphical tweaks. Interceptor is available right now, and completely free to all existing NMS players.

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