No Man’s Sky is getting a free graphics update on PC

You'll also be benefiting from fuller worlds for the low price of nothing at all

The randomly generated worlds of No Man’s Sky are about to get all the prettier on your PCs. Hello Games has revealed that the space game is getting a free upgrade to make it next-gen ready. That’s all well and good for the console folk, but there are some nifty bonuses for PC players, too.

No Man’s Sky: Next Generation comes with a graphical upgrade that’ll be available to you. Hello Games also explains that the upgrade will benefit from “fuller worlds”. Basically, next-gen tech has allowed Hello Games to boost No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation to create “lusher, richer, and more densely populated universes than ever before”. That means the planets you stumble across should be more detailed with rocks, grass, and exotic flora.

No Man’s Sky: Next Generation is set to come out “in a couple of weeks’ time”, and should coincide nicely with those new toys you’ve likely been hearing about. While it’s primarily console focused, having more vibrant worlds to snap pictures of sounds good to me, especially at the low price of, eh, nothing.

You can catch the full patch notes on the game’s website if you’re keen to find out what the console folk are getting. It involves similar swathes of graphical improvements and the addition of 32-player multiplayer.

Here’s the trailer, too:

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