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No Man’s Sky launches its first community event, finally giving you a use for Quicksilver

No Man's Sky community events are here, finally awarding Quicksilver and things to spend it on

Since No Man’s Sky NEXT went live, you may have noticed a new currency called Quicksilver, with no apparent use. Today, Hello Games has launched the title’s first community event, leading into a weekly series of content drops and special events – and finally giving you a chance to earn and spend Quicksilver.

If you log into No Man’s Sky today (and have completed the first Space Anomaly mission), you’ll find a distress beacon emanating from Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada. There have been some, er, issues with their journeys around the edge of reality, and they’re looking for help in exploring the new discoveries.

In practical terms, this means you’re investigating reports of strange, underground objects appearing on planets in a certain part of space, excavating those items, and returning them to the researchers for rewards of Quicksilver.

A new vendor will allow you to spend that Quicksilver on six new base building parts, three decals, a new emote, and a new character customisation. In the “coming weeks” the number of available items, adding emotes, exocraft, and more options to what you can purchase.

No Man’s Sky has been bouncing back admirably after a questionable launch, particularly in light of its last big update – read our No Man’s Sky NEXT review to find out why it was so significant. With weekly events and content drops bolstering things from here, it should be good times ahead for those sticking with the galactic sandbox.