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No Man's Sky trailer reveals June release date, also Rutger Hauer's voice

Hello Games have released a new trailer for No Man's Sky, giving the game a June 2016 release date. The brief trailer has little to show in the way of new features or grandiose reveals, but does offer some further glimpses at the game’s combat.

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In a brilliant reference to gloomy sci fi masterpiece Blade Runner, the trailer features narration from none other than Rutger bloody Hauer himself, telling us how he’s seen things we wouldn’t believe and so on…

There are also plenty of shots of multicoloured vegetation, clunky robots and giant space battles to enjoy in the trailer - it’s nothing new, but it’s still top notch eye candy. Moreover you’ll get to watch it all with Rutger’s gravelly voice in your ears, although sadly at no point does he say “attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion”.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

No Man's Sky might be interesting but it continues to perpetrate the same crime that most space games do. I wouldn't be bothered by it as much if it didn't happen in almost every space game.

The thing is is that we already -- today -- have HoloLens technology. This is something that even the newer Deus Ex games understood. The future human won't look like it does today, we'll be augmented and we may choose to change our bodies in any number of ways.

I feel much of our species, especially the more extraverted parts, are far, far too attached to their own bodies to the point where scary levels of narcissism and fetishism set in (see: selfies). Unfortunately this impacts our entertainment because they have to be accounted for, since to such a mind they'll be taking selfies on Mars and looking exactly the same as they do now. The passage of time and history of the species (including how styles change) flies over their heads. And games often account for this in their design.

Star Citizen was going to, until it switched to holograms but even those are a part of the helmet (disappointing). Elite: Dangerous is a big step in the right direction, but even its holograms look so dumbfoundingly primitive when compared to HoloLens. No Man's Sky on the other hand has screens in all of their ships which look like a mix of old CRTs and old square LCD monitors.

This isn't closed-mindedness on my part. I'm happy to accept alternate histories where things have developed at a different pace. The thing is is that when every game is like that and that excuse is used for damn near Every. Single. Space. Game? That's when it begins to get depressing.

I'd love to see more like Human Revolution in space. A game which is clever and intelligent enough to account for the changes in style and technology, and how we might even augment and change ourselves. Yes, it's going to upset the usual extraverted suspects, but it always does. Just like Synthesis upset them in Mass Effect 3 and they found the cruel and unnecessary genocide of the geth race preferable to a bodily upgrade.

I know this is polarising, and I know I'm going to catch flack for this, but as the kind of person who reads Iain M. Banks, I'm often sorely disappointed by how space and the future is represented in video games. There are varying degrees of better and worse. The thing is is that the notion that we change our holy, sanctified, pure, and perfect human bodies is always seen as a negative thing by the usual suspects. Yet for long term space travel, it might be necessary.

I just want to see more of a future that actually looks like the future. Even if it's niche, even if it only appeals to introverts, aspies, and high-functioning autistic people. Even if it's only them who'd enjoy it. Just once I'd love to see space being amazing, incredible, and unbound by smaller minds.

Even comic books do it better. Even Young Justice, a kids cartoon, had more advanced looking technology.

Video games are just so behind the curve because they try and cast their net too wide, they do it just to appeal to the usual suspects. Why do that? There's a big enough audience of people who'd stop buying these games because they're fed up of them. Appeal to them and you may find that you have an even bigger audience than you would have otherwise.

Windows in space ships bug me, too. I mean, if we had augmented eyes, we could simply have cameras and camera drones flying with our ships. Our 'windows' could be holographic representations applied against reality. We're already excited about augmented reality, so why not have it in video games?

I've said to a bunch of friends (who aren't the usual suspects) in the past that I want to see a video game where someone's in a space ship, on the loo. They get up, and as they leave they say 'window off' and it disappears. Just to see how many people would trip out and be offended by that.

I want squid ships in space with camera swarms flown by augmented humans that may not even look human any more. That's EXCITING. This is just the same old dross.

I wish it wasn't, but it is. I can't get excited about this.

No one is ever brave or clever any more with video games. I miss it. I'm tired of the repetitive brain rot that does exactly the same as what everyone else is doing.

Why wouldn't we have fluid transforming spaceships in the future that could land on a planet and then morph into a vehicle? Why could we not actually BE the transforming spaceships.

Ugh. Humanity. So boring. So fetishistic of the normal.

Footnote: I know this is polarising. I know this may even result in people who'd enjoyed my posts disliking me for this opinion. I can't help it. I'm so bored of '70s conservative space.

(Edited to correct typos. Sorry.)