No Man’s Sky trailer reveals June release date, also Rutger Hauer’s voice


Hello Games have released a new trailer for No Man’s Sky, giving the game a June 2016 release date. The brief trailer has little to show in the way of new features or grandiose reveals, but does offer some further glimpses at the game’s combat.

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In a brilliant reference to gloomy sci fi masterpiece Blade Runner, the trailer features narration from none other than Rutger bloody Hauer himself, telling us how he’s seen things we wouldn’t believe and so on…

There are also plenty of shots of multicoloured vegetation, clunky robots and giant space battles to enjoy in the trailer – it’s nothing new, but it’s still top notch eye candy. Moreover you’ll get to watch it all with Rutger’s gravelly voice in your ears, although sadly at no point does he say “attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion”.