Get comfy in this Elder Scrolls gaming chair

Here's a sneak peak at Noblechair's Elder Scrolls-themed gaming chair

Black and gold-themed noblechairs gaming chair, with the ESO logo on the headrest and a dragon emblem on the rear of the chair

January 26, 2021 Noblechairs has now fully uncovered its Elder Scrolls Online-themed gaming chair

Noblechairs has released a number of themed gaming chairs in the past, including its Doom gaming chair and Fallout 4 gaming chair. Noticing a theme there? Yep, they're both Bethesda games, thanks to a partnership between the two companies announced last year. So, it's only natural that The Elder Scrolls Online is the next game to be plastered over a chair and then sat on by butts around the world.

Noblechairs' previous Twitter post showed a very faint silhouette of a gaming chair, with the caption “Go ahead, surprise me” – a phrase commonly heard when wandering past NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online. As we guessed, there is indeed a Tamriel-inspired throne on the horizon, and a good looking one at that.

Noblechairs have still not announced pricing, but if the past two Bethesda collaborations are anything to go by, then it'll also be based on its mid-range 'Hero' model, which has previously cost around $499 / £379 for themed models. The Hero chair is a decent choice even in its standard form, with some of the best back support you can find in a gaming chair thanks to its built-in adjustable lumbar support.

Noblechairs latest Tweet unveils the chair in full, saying that it’s “coming soon”, and you can head over to the product page for even more photos of the throne in all its glory. Looks pretty sweet, we reckon.

You can check out Noblechairs’ full gaming chair range here.