Noblechairs Legend 2022 series review – subtle gaming chair comfort

The new Noblechairs Legend series may be a little pricey, but the versatility and comfort each gaming chair offers are accompanied by designs that fit any setup

Noblechairs Legend review: an image of the black chair in front of desk that has a computer and screens on it

Our Verdict

A versatile and comfortable gaming chair that comes at a high cost and a lacking set of cushions, but the quality of the design and customisation options more than make up the price point

The Noblechairs Legend series is the culmination of years of gaming chairs from the Secretlab competitor. It aims to combine all the subsequent seats into one sleek package, that trades any sort of over-the-top designs for a chair might not be flamboyant, but is as functional as it gets.

As someone who’s gone through their fair share of office chairs, I can tell you that, unlike the best gaming chair, the Noblechairs Legend series is rather unassuming. Coming in a lighter box than you’d expect, it’s recommended that you build this with two people. I managed it on my own in an hour and with some rather smart balancing acts, but I’d definitely heed Noblechairs’ advice and get another set of hands to hold some of the bigger pieces in place. It comes with an allen key, and honestly that’s all you need, none of the intricate parts come unbuilt, so it’s just a case of slotting a few pieces together and tightening some screws.


The Noblechairs Legend manages to blend simple and clean design with ergonomic effectiveness. There are some basic colour options that would feel at home in any office of gaming space, alongside a Spider-Gwen looking mix of black, red, and white. I went with the black, and it blended right into my setup. 

Compared to a lot of other gaming chairs, the Legend series is as unassuming as it gets. In fact, it’s even subtler than the other Noblechairs that preceded it. But I’m not one for fancy chairs that look like they belong in a Jackson Pollock painting if he lived in Cyberpunk 2077; I’d rather have something simple. 

The great thing about the Noblechairs Legend series is that leather isn’t your only choice. There’s a soft fabric variant and a special material for the white model that makes it easier to clean too. The black version is also of high quality, with the leather and stitching masterfully coming together to make a sleek-looking seat, so I imagine the other variants are the same.


The Noblechairs Legend is a no-frills office and gaming chair. That said, there are a few places this falls flat. While the lower back lumbar support on the chair alone is good, the small cushion you’re given is terribly uncomfortable. For me it was too small to give me any meaningful support and was just straight up uncomfortable at any height on the back of the chair. The head cushion is much better, especially when your back’s against just the chair itself, but if you invest in a better chair cushion, the head cushion makes little difference.

It’s also quite the shame that Noblechairs hasn’t caught up to Secretlabs by using magnetic cushions, as they’re so much easer to juggle and look better without straps hindering the chair’s aesthetics, but that’s not a deal breaker by any stretch.

Without any of the cushions though, the chair is actually quite comfortable. You can sink into it easily and still be sat upright, which is great for the long-lasting gaming sessions.

While simple, there’s a lot to be said for the armrests. you can adjust them up or down, from left to right, and at an angle for when you’re using a controller and your arms are pointing closer together. Despite not having cushioning they’re also really comfortable, and allow your arms to remain easily level with your wrists while typing, which is a godsend.

There are all the classics of chair customisation here as well: height adjustment, back angle adjustment, and incredibly smooth wheels that make pushing yourself around an office or gaming space much easier than you’d expect.

The only real issue I have with the design of the chair itself are the levers. The underside ones feel flimsy as the plastic shell that goes over the metal adjusters can easily come off and fall on the floor, while the handle on the side that lets you change the angle of the backrest can feel a little stiff in comparison.


The foam underneath the outer layer makes for an almost bouncy and form fitting chair that doesn’t fight against your body shape, instead conforming to it.

It’s clear, however, that the Noblechairs Legend is designed with several small but impactful ergonomic features in mind. The lumbar support, armrests, head cushion, and foam material all combine for an unassuming gaming chair that’s lighter than you’d expect – even if the lumbar pillow doesn’t pull its weight.


The Noblechairs Legend series proves to be a solid choice for a gaming and office chair. It’s a high quality build with a comfortable design and materials that trades out anything too flamboyant for simple yet effective design. It’s not flawless, but a comfortable entry into an already robust portfolio of seats. You can find out more about the Legend on the noblechairs website.

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At $689 USD / £459.95 GBP / 539,90€ for the black version, it’s not a cheap chair by any means, but the high build quality and ease of set up and use mean this is a chair that should be on your radar.