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One of the most wanted strategy games on Steam just got a launch date

Inspired by RimWorld and Crusader Kings, the much-anticipated new strategy game from Against The Storm publisher Hooded Horse arrives soon.

Norland Steam early access release date: A leader from Steam strategy game Norland

When it comes to Civilization 6, Command and Conquer, and most of the other strategy mainstays, the one thing I feel I can rely on is the blind, homogenized obedience of my subjects. Sure, they might occasionally take umbrage if I want to invade a peace-loving neighbor, or neglect to follow my orders precisely, and obliterate my battle plans thanks to some goofy bounce of their AI, but generally, I say and they do. Inspired by RimWorld and Crusader Kings, a new medieval strategy game from Against The Storm and Manor Lords publisher Hooded Horse throws all of that into disarray. Already one of the most-wishlisted games on Steam (350,000 and counting), it’s a smart blend of high-level city management and person-to-person social manipulation, and it finally has an early access elease date.

Norland is a strategy game that puts you in charge of a land-owning noble family during the Middle Ages. Like Crusader Kings 3, the members of this – often dysfunctional – domestic unit will form relationships, develop feuds, fall in love, and generally method-act an entire season of Game of Thrones as you attempt to guide them through the stormy medieval era.

At one level, you must attend to the standard strategy stuff. Build an army, construct a functional town, manage the economy, and forge diplomatic connections with our fiefdoms. From tax rates to minimum wage, riot control to deciding sentences for convicted criminals, everything is under your control. You can even dispatch assassins to murder a rival noble if you think they’re getting ideas above their station.

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But it’s your townspeople, your loyal (or not) citizens that truly make Norland special. Every single one has their own unique personality and set of drives. You can’t just boss them around and expect every playthrough to proceed the same – they all want different things, and depending on the demographic and behavioral makeup of your burgeoning kingdom, you could face some serious troubles.

Let’s say you want to help another leader out by agreeing to give shelter and healthcare to some of their plague-ridden serfs. Depending on the attitudes among your people, this could inspire admiration or resent. Every time you start a new kingdom, you can also forge a distinctive new culture. Do you want to be pious, altruistic, and pastoral, or insular, agentic, and driven by wealth? It’s up to you – but it’s also up to your people.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for Norland much longer. The Norland early access release date is now set for Thursday May 16. In the meantime, you can join with hundreds of thousands of other would-be nobles and add it to your Steam wishlist right here.

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