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Nosgoth is a surprisingly good, blood-sucking arena battler - now £12 to play immediately

The vampires in Nosgoth play like Predator - and the humans like Resident Evil.

Do you like pleasant surprises? Then you might like Nosgoth, Psyonix’s free-to-play humans-vs-vampires brawler. The competitive multiplayer Legacy of Kain spin-off nobody asked for has turned out, somehow, to be a nighttime good time of shifting abilities and swift death.

It’s currently in closed beta, where the undead are cutting their teeth on the fleshy few lucky enough to get passes into Nosgoth. And now you can join them, via a range of six founders packs.

Founders Pack’ is fast becoming industry code for ‘terribly expensive early access’, and Nosgoth is doing nothing to change the cipher. The priciest offering here is £89.99/$149.99, for a pack that includes currencies, weapons, a skin, early access to two advanced-level classes, and beta invites for 10 friends (Who has 10 friends? You? Okay, fine).

On the other end of the scale, however, you can pay £11.99/$19.99 for the same amount of in-game currency and immediate access to the game.

The six deals are also somewhat sweetened by a 10% off promotion, which runs till tomorrow morning, Wednesday April 2.

But it bears repeating: we’re talking about a free-to-play game here, which will eventually be just that. If you’re willing to wait, you’ll get access for nothing – as well as the new classes, maps, modes abilities, weapons, controller support and eSports features due to be added along the way to release.

Do you think you’ll bide your time in the shadows, like a vampire, or buy into an early access video game, as only humans have been known to do?