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Not a Hero demo released, apparently leaked by insane anti-immigration political party

Not a Hero demo

Did you know that there’s a second British political party with yellow and purple banners that are heavy on anti-immigration policies? The UJIP are against immigration from the future, and they’re convinced that Roll7’s new game Not a Hero is terrible pro-immigration propaganda. As such, they’ve ‘leaked’ the demo of the game online, so you can play it now and witness the horror first hand. 

This is, in case it’s not already obvious, a very big marketing stunt. 

Not a Hero is a violent side-scrolling action game chronicling the attempts of BunnyLord – a time-travelling rabbit – to run for the mayor of London. His idea is to clean up the city using distinctly bone-shattering methods dished out by his campaign manager, Steve. A confusing synopsis, yes, but things will all become clear if you try out the game’s demo, available ‘illegally’ here.

The bizzare retro-styled game will feature a cameo from Bryan Henderson, the winner of Peter Molyneux’s ‘become a god’ competition. You can probably already see what kind of tone the game has.

If the demo proves to your liking, the game is available on a pre-order discount of -10%, until 7th May.