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The world’s first porno esports tournament is coming, courtesy of Nutaku and YouPorn

nutaku lewd gaming championship

Nutaku - the site which fulfills all your hentai browser gaming needs - promises the “world’s first adult gaming esports tournament” with the Lewd Gaming Championship. I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to bring esports and anime boobs together.

This tournament is sponsored by YouPorn, and offers a $25,000 prize pool for 64-players in a single-elimination tournament in Tits 'n' Tanks. Further format and qualification details are still on the way. All participants will also receive a YouPorn Premium membership, which - I’m told - offers exclusive content, HD video, and an ad-free viewing experience.

Stay abreast of the best sex games on PC.

You can find out more in Nutaku’s announcement - that is definitely not SFW, FYI. Tits ‘n’ Tanks is a mobile game that combines tanks with, er - you know. It appears to pretty much be an Android-based World of Tanks-like, except with the added bonus of occasionally nude anime girls.

Registration for the event - and, presumably, dates and more specific format information - is “coming soon.” So take the opportunity now to bone up on your tank skills. I can’t imagine the Tits ‘n’ Tanks scene is that competitive just yet (I’ll happily be proven wrong, though), so this could be your chance at competitive gaming stardom. Just don’t tell your family the name of the game you’re playing.

Here’s a (somewhat censored for your working convenience) look at Tits ‘n’ Tanks.

You could play Tits ‘n’ Tanks through an Android emulator, which definitely makes this news relevant to PC gaming. Nutaku has been making some big investments across the board, with a $10 million initiative to make lewd versions of existing games. Maybe someday Blizzard will team up with all those Overwatch artists to really combine the best of esports and hentai.

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Nagato Samuel avatar1N07 avatarQDP2 avatar
Nagato Samuel Avatar
6 Days ago

legit looks fun.

1N07 Avatar
6 Days ago

I feel like it's only a matter of time before some dev team hires one of those sfm/blender "artists" to make an official canon sex scene for their game.

I mean some of that stuff is - I'm told - incredibly well rendered and high quality.

QDP2 Avatar
4 Days ago

Here I was thinking the game could be fun so long as it doesn't go to far. Portraying itself as part dating-sim, my thoughts were I could just not do that half and enjoy a decent enough tank-shooter. Oh how wrong I was. Didn't even get to downloading the apk; if you thought the championship article was bad then do not go to the android download page. Some artists just want to see the world burn...