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Nvidia GTX 1180 release date will be “a long time from now”

Nvidia GTX 1180 specs

Nvidia’s CEO Jenson Huang has hinted at the launch date of the GTX 1180 and next generation GeForce graphics cards at a pre-Computex event. The news straight from the Nvidia CEO is that the long-awaited GeForce graphics cards won’t launch for “a long time from now”.

At a GeForce event, Huang stamped out any rumblings of GeForce graphics cards before Computex had even begun. Invitees were quick to grill Huang over the next-generation GPUs within the Q&A session at the end of the GeForce event in Taipei, but largely the answer was the same as always – Pascal is still the best GPU for gamers on the market for the foreseeable future.

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That news doesn’t quite stack up with recent rumours of the company prepping the Nvidia GTX 1180 for launch in August, and especially doesn’t align with board partners and OEMs receiving shipments for launch in July, as some have suggested. Rumours had been heating up for a Q3 launch of Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs, but Huang’s comments have thrown some doubt onto the expected window.

Specifically, Huang’s response came amidst GeForce event attendees requesting a hint as to the release schedule of the next-generation of graphics cards. Huang’s response was that the release wouldn’t be for “a long time from now” and that those attending would be invited to the launch event when it happened.

It was only recently that Nvidia was listed among talks at the Hot Chips Symposium, where it was expected to discuss its “Next Generation Mainstream GPU” on August 20. It was then expected that the green team would announce its GTX 1180 GPU prior to this event – likely at their own event.

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This also aligned pretty well with GDDR6 memory supply deals that Nvidia signed with the memory giant, SK Hynix. This was a potential signal that the green team is ramping up for mass production of new product in Q3, and along with other rumours, fueled the flames of an August launch date.

Does that mean we won’t see any new graphics cards in August? A long time from now is a pretty definite answer that I can’t imagine many would use in their day-to-day vernacular, while currently in June, to signal an event in August. However, it also pays off for Nvidia to continue to be vague on the matter and it’s increasingly like getting blood from a stone to get the green team to talk about any new GeForce products.

This non-committal stance is nothing new, and Huang would’ve be well-prepared for the hailstorm of questions incoming regarding new GeForce cards at this event. While it doesn’t preclude a release sometime this year, it certainly isn’t the news gamers were hoping for as Computex 2018 kicks off.