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NVIDIA launches GeForce 337.88 drivers, AMD launches Catalyst 14.6, all for Watch_Dogs

Watch Dogs multiplayer

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Great news for anybody with a graphics card: NVIDIA and AMD have just served up launch drivers to coincide with the release of Watch Dogs. On the GeForce side of things we’ve got the 337.88 driver release, while team Catalyst have presented us with 14.6 drivers.

Both updates proudly promise to enhance and stabilise Ubisoft’s latest open-world hack-a-thing shooter, as well as introduce the typical slew of tinkerings, adjustments, improvements and features.

SLI and Crossfire profiles for Watch Dogs have been updated and refined, which when coupled with single-card optimisations means a better time for owners of every variety of setup. AMD has also played about with their multi-monitor EyeFinity tech, now allowing monitors of different resolutions to be tiled. Didyou have a multi-monitor setup using monitors of different native resolutions? Then today your world is a little brighter, you wonderful, unique flower.

The technically beleaguered Wolfenstein: The New Order has apparently received no attention in this update.

Here’s the link to the NVIDIA drivers. And here’s the link to the AMD driverspagewhich, at the time of writing, has notyet made available the 14.6 drivers as America is still in bed. Give it a few hours.

Thanks Anandtech.