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Nvidia have another trick up their sleeve after all – the Titan X Collector’s Edition

Nvidia Titan X Collector's Edition

Looks like Nvidia aren’t quite finished with their Pascal-based cards… well, there goes my GTX 1070 Ti review title. Nvidia have just teased a new edition to their lineup in a short YouTube clip – the Titan X Collector’s Edition.

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Nvidia’s Titan X hasn’t been king of graphics cards since the GTX 1080 Ti launch, but for builders aiming for absolute overkill with their systems, it still carries an unbeatable Titan badge. With the latest teaser video from the Nvidia GeForce YouTube channel, it looks like the green team are releasing the holy grail for builders who want nothing but the Bugatti Veyron of graphics cards.

Not much of the card was alluded to in the 13-second video, with only some brief flashes to spark the imagination. The card seemingly features a blower style cooler akin to the reference Pascal design, although redesigned with some sci-fi flair.

Nvidia Titan X Collector's Edition

It appears as though Nvidia have implemented some heat sink window lighting for that extra style factor – at least featuring green and red LED – although this will likely turn out to be obviously much needed RGB.

No doubt the Collector’s Edition vintage will see a considerable bump in cost from the standard Titan X’s positively ludicrous $1,200/£1,179 price tag. If you are into hardware unboxing, this is surely set to make for a good one.

That’s all the information on this primadonna card so far, with only the words “It’s coming…” for any insight on a launch date. Going off past launches, Nvidia will likely be looking to release the Titan X Collector’s Edition relatively soon, as they don’t tend to discuss new graphics cards until they are close to launch.