Nvidia cancels its RTX 2060 12GB Founders Edition GPU, days before launch

Founders Edition graphics cards have often been one of the cheapest way to get a new Nvidia GPU into your PC, but the RTX 2060 12GB refresh won't be getting one

An RTX 2060 Founders Edition graphics card against a black background

In a bid to improve graphics card availability in the wake of the ongoing chip shortage and unprecedented levels of demand, Nvidia is set to launch a new variant of its RTX 2060 GPU tomorrow, armed with 12GB of VRAM. However, the company has had a sudden charge of heart regarding the release of a Founders Edition of the card, and has unexpectedly cancelled it.

Nvidia previously listed the “RTX 2060 Founders Edition (12GB)” on the official product page, but has since removed all mention of the reference design card. Team green also confirms with TechPowerUp that it no longer has plans to release one.

While most people opt to buy custom designs from board partners, Founders Edition cards are often one of the cheapest ways for people to get their hands on the best graphics cards from Nvidia – at least at MSRP. This cancellation means that anyone who wants to slot the new RTX 2060 12GB card into their gaming PC will unfortunately have to spend some extra cash.

If you’re already rocking an RTX 2000 series GPU in your rig, or perhaps holding on to a GTX 1000 card, then you may want to keep your eyes out for the RTX 3050 when it releases in January.

Patience, however, as they say, is a virtue. 2022 is shaping up to be a busy year for both AMD and Nvidia when it comes to their respective graphics card lines, with RTX 4000 and RDNA 3 GPUs rumoured to make an appearance sometime next year.