Modder crafts Mini-ITX Nvidia Founders Edition GPU

A Reddit user has created their own custom Mini-ITX Founders Edition GPU after being disappointed that Nvidia hadn't released its own.

Nvidia Founders Edition GPUs are highly sought after, for being among the cheapest and most stylish versions of GeForce graphics cards, but none have ever catered to builders who prefer smaller form factors. Now, in lieu of an official solution, a Redditor has taken matters into their own hands and crafted a Mini-ITX FE card.

Clashmains_2 took to the PCMR subreddit to share images of their custom Mini-ITX GPU, which looks good enough to be the real thing. Using a Gainward Pegasus RTX 3060 as their base, the modder took inspiration from previous efforts to shrink 10 and 30 series GPUs.

The chassis is made from 3D printed PLA, but Clashmains_2 may opt for ABS or PETG filaments in future builds, as they’re better suited for hot temperatures.  With the PLA, deformation occurs at 60C, with the fin stack being noticeably hot, but as this was a test build it wasn’t too big of an issue. The GPU also features a 92mm Noctua fan, which Clashmains_2 plans to reuse for other ABS printed shroud in the future.

Although just a ‘test build’, Clashmains_2’s Founders Edition GPU looks very close to what this GPU could have looked like had Nvidia not opted to make one of its own. Down to the ‘GeForce RTX’ engraving on the side, we’re surprised and impressed to learn that this is their first 3D printing project.

We’d love to see an official Mini-ITX Founders Edition materialize in the future, for the RTX 4060 or otherwise. For now, though, we’ll continue to marvel at Clashmains_2’s work.

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