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Nvidia GTX G-Assist AI gaming assistant could be real this time

An April Fools from 2017, G-Assist promised to make your gaming life easier with AI, and now Nvidia hints it could see the light of day.

nvidia g-assist ai assistant

For April Fools 2017, Nvidia made up a new device called the G-Assist, which was a USB stick shaped like an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card and containing an AI assistant designed to aid you in your gaming. Now, in 2024, Nvidia G-Assist could be a real thing, if the Nvidia GeForce X/Twitter account is anything to go by.

With Nvidia now pushing more and more AI features into its best graphics cards, the move to adding a dedicated gaming AI assistant wouldn’t be at all surprising but naming it after an April Fools prank… well, actually, it would be very Nvidia indeed.

All this speculation has arisen because the GeForce X/Twitter account  today quote tweeted the original G-Assist April Fools tweet, adding the line, “the future is never far away…”

nvidia g-assist ai assistant tweet

The original G-Assist prank describes features such as GhostPlay, which has the AI assistant learn your play style for certain games then recreate them for you for moments when you have to be AFK mid-game. This mode includes options for how aggressive your playstyle should be, how many actions per minute it should undertake, the tone of language you’d like the AI to use, and whether it will use taunts/emotes.

Another feature is Boss Boost. This has the AI learn how best to take on tricky boss battles so that you can bypass those enemies that are holding you up the most. You can only use it once per game, though!

Then there’s NV Nurture, which tracks the ideal time for you to take food and drink breaks, even ordering takeout ahead of time for you so it arrives at the optimal moment for your to consume, minimizing gaming down time.

Clearly, the first two of these are features that would probably get you banned from games if detected, while the latter raises some questions about just how and what vital stats and medical information Nvidia might be keeping on you but ultimately all do seem like the sort of thing that could be done right now with the latest AI tech.

As such, we would not be surprised to see Nvidia actually bring an AI G-Assist feature to market in the not too distant future. After all, we’ve seen monitors with in-built AI to help you spot enemies in games, so an on-PC version of that doesn’t seem far fetched at all.

What do you make of the idea of an Nvidia AI assistant, and if there is one what would you like it to include? Let us know on the PCGamesN Facebook and Twitter pages. In the mean time, check out the latest rumors surrounding the RTX 5090 for the latest on the company’s next flagship GPU.