Microsoft won Nvidia’s favor with a hefty Windows discount

Nvidia senior vice president Jeff Fisher confirms that Microsoft is providing the GeForce giant with discounted Windows licences to reduce running costs.

Nvidia GeForce Now Windows license deal: Nvidia logo appears in front of the Windows 11 blue bloom picture.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) vs Microsoft case rumbles on, with Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion Activision Blizzard merger hanging in the balance. Nvidia was initially opposed to the deal but has since changed its tune. Now, Nvidia senior vice president Jeff Fisher has shed some light on why that’s the case, and it’s all to do with the Windows OS licenses Nvidia buys for its GeForce Now streaming service.

Fisher gave testimony in yesterday’s evidentiary hearing which explained exactly why Nvidia is on board with the acquisition, as covered by Tweak Town. He confirmed Nvidia’s concerns with the deal related to cloud gaming, and that Nvidia entered into a Windows Addendum to assuage those worries.

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And what was in that Windows Addendum? An agreement to “significantly reduce [Nvidia’s] cost of operating a cloud gaming service. A Windows OS is required to run a cloud business. The terms of operating on that were at risk and this agreement significantly reduces the costs, and reduces the burden of operating a cloud gaming service.”

It’s clear to see why Microsoft is interested in Activision Blizzard, as it’s got an absolutely stellar library of games, including the lauded action RPG Diablo 4 that came out a few weeks ago. If you’ve taken the plunge into the demon-ravaged world of Sanctuary yourself, make sure you peruse our Diablo 4 builds guide to stand a chance of surviving against the denizens of hell.