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The best Diablo 4 builds for Season 3

If you're looking for the best Diablo 4 builds to dominate Sanctuary without breaking a sweat, we've got these finely tuned D4 builds.

Diablo 4 best builds: A woman with black hair holds a flame in her hand wearing blue cloth armor

What are the best Diablo 4 builds? From the haunted forests of Scosglen to the whispering winter winds of the Fractured Peaks, choosing the best Diablo 4 builds is a must for avid fans of Blizzard’s latest title.

We’ve got deadly builds for each of the Diablo 4 classes, and all of our setups are suited for solo play to ensure you don’t have to rely on any Diablo 4 party members to get through the RPG game. No matter what Diablo 4 world tier you’re playing on, you shouldn’t have any problem facing off against Lilith with the best Diablo 4 builds for Season of the Construct.

Here is our Diablo 4 best builds tier list for Season of the Construct:

Tier Build
S Blood Surge Necromancer, Penetrating Shot Rogue, Twisting Blades Rogue, Firewall Sorcerer, Chain Lightning Sorcerer
A Arc Lash Sorcerer, Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian, Bone Spear Necromancer, Blight Corpse Explosion Necromancer, Flurry Rogue, Lightning Storm Druid, Upheaval Barbarian, Double Swing Barbarian, Sever Necromancer, Barrage Rogue, Ice Shards Sorcerer
B Rend Barbarian, Tornado Druid, Summoner Necromancer, Pulverize Druid, Landslide Druid
C Whirlwind Barbarian, Shred Druid
D Companion Druid
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Blood Surge Necromancer build

Best skills: Hemorrhage, Blood Surge, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spirit, Corpse Tendrils, Raise Skeleton
Essential aspects: Blood-bathed Offensive Aspect, Resource Aspect of the Umbral, Offensive Aspect of Grasping Veins
Book of the Dead slot: Skeletal Warriors (2), Skeletal Mages (1), Golems (3).

After slaying the nearby demonic forces using the Bone Spear spell, use the Necromancer’s ability to raise minions from the dead to create a deadly Shadow Army. Our Diablo 4 Necromancer build creates devastating area of effect damage with almost limitless potential.

Upheaval Barbarian build

Best skills: Upheaval, Lunging Strike, Rallying Cry, Leap, Charge, Wrath of the Berserker
Essential aspects: Relentless Berserker’s Aspect, Aspect of Echoing Fury, Aspect of the Umbral, Aspect of Berserk Ripping, Aspect of Disobedience, Ghostwalker Aspect, Aspect of Might, Iron Blood Aspect
Best Barbarian stones: Lightning Bolt, Reconstruct

With the right skills and talents selected with our Diablo 4 Barbarian build, you should see massive area of effect damage with an advantage in ranged combat. You’ll have easy access to Berserking, leaving you able to clear entire rooms in seconds. The Upheaval build can be weak at the start, and isn’t very satisfying to use on a singular enemy, but when hordes attack you’ll be laughing.

Lightning Storm Druid build

Best skills: Wind Shear, Wolves, Ravens, Poison Creeper, Trample, Lightning Storm
Essential aspects: Shepherd’s Aspect, Inner Calm, Aspect of Retaliation, Overcharged Aspect, Aspect of Might, Aspect of the Protector, Aspect of Disobedience, Ghostwalker Aspect

Our Diablo 4 Druid build is a fast starter, with good spirit management. While it struggles without its Aspects, and has inconsistent damage on single targets, the AoE is unbelievable and will bring in multiple sources of damage for those satisfying room clears.

Penetrating Shot Rogue build

Best skills: Generators, Penetrating Shot, Dash, Puncture, Imbuements
Essential aspects: Offensive Aspect of the Expectant, Rapid Offensive Aspect, Trickshot Offensive Aspect

One of the best reasons to use our best Rogue build is that it works perfectly in solo and party play, meaning you won’t have to rely on Diablo 4 respecs when you play with your mates. Utilize the Rogue’s excellent mobility to weave in between enemies before launching your Penetrating Shot to burst through waves of minions.

Chain Lightning Sorcerer build

Best skills: Glinting Arc Lash, Supreme Unstable Currents, Overflowing Energy
Essential Enchantments: Ball Lightning and Spark

You’re going to need to reach the endgame content in order to get the most out of our Diablo 4 Sorcerer build. When you gain access to the Paragon board, your basic spells can become incredibly powerful. Attack enemies with Arc Lash until your Ultimate is ready, use it immediately once you’ve gathered up a group of enemies, and freeze enemies to the ground with Frost Nova to stop any stragglers from escaping.

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How to make the best Diablo 4 build

To make the best D4 build, you’ll want to consider things like your own playstyle and the situations you expect to face. If you want to play aggressively, focus on seeking out the most powerful Diablo 4 aspects to really elevate any build.

If you’re looking to play defensively, then aspects can also come into play, but looking in-depth at the skill tree is where your build will really come into its own. Utilizing things such as imbuement can create devastating tick damage, which makes the difference between survival or getting drowned by the demon hordes.

Blizzard’s favorite Diablo 4 builds

If you’ve ever wondered what the people who created the game use, look no further. We’ve got builds from the Diablo 4 game director, lead class designer, lead game producer, and dungeon producer to try out.

Joe Shely’s best Diablo 4 build (game director)

As the man who has spearheaded Diablo 4’s development, it would be madness to create a list that doesn’t include his favorite D4 build. When talking about all things Witch Doctor Angry Chicken at an exclusive interview in London, he told PCGamesN, “one of the builds that I like is the Frost Sorcerer.”

“In previous Diablo games, there’s been a mechanic where if you’ve frozen a monster, it’ll shatter, and lots of monsters have behaviors that will happen upon death – they’ll explode, or they can be resurrected. It was sort of present in previous Diablo games as a thematic element because the way that monsters die needs to be glorious in any Diablo game.

“With Diablo 4, the Frost build for the Sorcerer is particularly fun because we really embraced [the frozen] mechanic,” he continues. “You can use cold damage mechanically to prevent all kinds of nefarious death behaviors from monsters – including explosions and the likes.”

A tanned woman wearing light blue robes holding a staff stands on a green background

Adam Z. Jackson’s best Diablo 4 build (lead class designer)

Of course, this was always going to be a hard question for Fletcher, who described it as “trying to choose [his] favorite baby” because he “loves them all.” So, he chose to go for his most recently used build.

“The Druids have this fantasy of being a storm caster, and they use storm magic, which is like wind or lightning. One of their skills is called Tornado, and the way that it works is that you cast a tornado, and it starts in front of you, and it’s kind of slow; it just swirls around and meanders around the battlefield for a certain amount of time, and then it goes away.” Please note Fletcher’s accompanying hand actions are absolutely priceless.

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“The thing about the tornado is that it’s sort of random; you can kind of tell the direction it’s going to go in, but you can’t be like, ‘hit that enemy right there.’ So, because it’s really hard to target what you want, we put you on this quest as a player of ‘well, Tornado is not super precise, but I really want to fill the screen up with tornadoes because then it doesn’t matter because there are tornadoes everywhere and everything’s getting hit anyway!’

“It’s a really cool journey because, at the beginning, it’s really hard to manage,” he continues. “But as you keep getting those [upgrades], you get to fulfill that [storm caster] fantasy. When you get to the endgame – and I’ve played it in the endgame – we fulfill that fantasy where you’re just spamming tornadoes everywhere, and everything is dying. It’s really cool, and it’s really fun.”

A broad man wearing fur armour and a helmet with stag antlers holds a gnarled wooden staff and calls forth wolves to attack spider-like creatures in a mountain setting

Melissa Corning’s best Diablo 4 build (lead game producer, story, and narrative)

In a similar vein to Shely, Corning’s favorite build is Frozen Orb Sorceress. “I just love Frozen Orb,” she says with a smile. “I’m just one of those people who wants everything to wrap around Frozen Orb – that’s going to be my main skill. I just want to be able to spam Frozen Orb and have it do amazing things!

“There are a lot of Legendaries that allow your Frozen Orb to apply a chill effect or frozen effect, and there’s other stuff that actually affects the frozen and the chill effects, so you just end up having these amazing combinations going off every single time you’re using your Frozen Orb. So, that’s currently the one I go for every time I make a new Sorceress.”

A white woman with black hair stands with a staff on her back wearing purple leather armour with fur lining

Ash Sweetring Vickey’s best Diablo 4 build (dungeon producer)

A woman after my own heart, Ash’s two favorite builds revolve around doing huge amounts of damage from afar. “I really enjoy range marksman builds with the Sorceress and Rogue,” she tells me on Twitter. “My favorite Sorceress build is Hydra Fireball, and I love playing our Rapid Fire Rogue!

If you want to blow up swathes of demons, seek out all of the Altar of Lilith locations to improve your skills. We also have a list of the Diablo 4 dungeon locations if you fancy a challenge, plus everything you need to know about world bosses, whether you can play Diablo 4 solo, and the best Diablo 4 settings for PC users. If you’re just starting out, you might also wonder about the Diablo 4 quests and acts you’ll tackle during your adventure.