Nvidia GeForce Now amusingly reinvents ‘cloud’ gaming with Leahviathan

Nvidia, EE, and streamer Leahviathan team up to stream triple-A games via Nvidia GeForce Now halfway up the UK’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis.

Nvidia GeForce Now EE cloud gaming: a woman in hat and gloves uses a computer with a mountain backdrop.

Nvidia GeForce Now is team green’s flagship cloud gaming service, and it’s now proven to work just fine if you’re physically in the actual clouds. In an entertaining if somewhat contrived effort to promote British mobile and broadband operator EE’s partnership with Nvidia, streamer Leahviathan scaled the UK’s tallest mountain to set up the nation’s “highest gaming den” 1,500ft above sea level while streaming games through GeForce Now.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service lets you stream your game library from your laptop, PC, Mac, TV, Android device, iPhone, or iPad via a powerful desktop from one of Nvidia’s server networks. It’s a subscription-based model, with a range of options available:

Tier Features and benefits
Free ($0/month) Basic rig
Standard access to gaming servers
1-hour session length
Priority ($9.99/month) Premium rig
Priority access to premium services
6-hour session length
Up to 1080p resolution
Up to 60 FPS
Ultimate ($19.99/month) RTX 4080 rig
Exclusive access to the fastest servers
8-hour session length
Up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS

To test out GeForce Now and the EE network’s usability in the harshest conditions, popular streamer Leahviathan was sent on an expedition to Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. She managed a livestreamed gaming session at an impressive 1,500ft above sea level, with the wind whipping her face as she busted out a few levels of Portal 2.

As you might expect, this whole stunt wasn’t cooked up for a laugh. It’s EE’s attempt to promote the launch of its GeForce Now cloud gaming bundles available to UK customers from £22 per month. These bundles include a GeForce Now subscription (obviously), plus a Google Chromebook and gaming mouse, or Samsung Smart TV and gaming controller, alongside unlimited video and gaming mobile data.

While a bit silly, we can’t deny gaming halfway up a mountain’s an entertaining way to promote your product, so fair play to EE. But if cloud gaming’s not your thing, and you want a powerhouse PC in your actual home, check out our guide to the best gaming PC to get yourself kitted out with our recommendations for the best rigs out there.