Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti matches the RTX 3090 in benchmarks

The 3080 Ti could be a brilliant GPU, if you can get your hands on one

Computex looks like the favourite place for Nvidia to reveal its RTX 3080 Ti, but we now have an idea of how it’ll perform against the pricey $1,499 RTX 3090 ahead of an official announcement. A Geekbench score pits the two GPUs against one another in a tight race, indicating that the new entry could become the best graphics card on the market – stock issues notwithstanding.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the card in Geekbench, and the specs listed line up with all previous rumours, suggesting the RTX 3080 Ti will most likely have 12GB of VRAM and 80 multiprocessor units. The new GPU’s score in the CUDA benchmark is where things get interesting, however.

The RTX 3090 currently has two scores on Geekbench’s CUDA chart – 239,003 and 236,941. The 3080 Ti comes in with a score of 238,603, effectively beating its bigger brother in some instances. For reference, the standard RTX 3080 reaches around 203,298, giving the 3080 Ti a 17% improvement.

Synthetic benchmarks are by no means the best measure of a GPU’s real-world performance, though, so get the salt shakers ready in the meantime. We’ll have to wait until the RTX 3080 Ti is in the hands of reviewers to get a clear image of how it stacks up against other cards in the Ampere family.