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Nvidia claims its GeForce RTX 4060 can save you over 100 dollars

Nvidia has released benchmarking for the upcoming GeForce RTX 4060, including big claims about performance, temperature, and power draw compared to older cards.

A picture of the RTX 4060 appears against a black background with pink inflections.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 launches next week, and expectations are fairly low. Some are already describing the card as dead on arrival, but we’ll save our judgement until we go hands-on with the GPU. In a bid to drum up some excitement for the upcoming pixel pusher, Nvidia has released its own benchmarking comparing the RTX 4060 to older 60 family cards.

If what it says is true, the RTX 4060 might be a bit better than feared. Nvidia tells us to expect “a massive upgrade”, but the company’s also keen to point out improvements outside raw performance, saying the RTX 4060’s “industry-leading efficiency [means] you’ll use measurably less power, your graphics card will run cooler, and fans will run at quieter speeds or even idle.”

A graph showing the RTX 4060's performance increase compared to previous Nvidia cards.

Nvidia’s put up some numbers to back up some of those claims, as well. Apparently, the RTX 4060 puts out 20% better performance than the RTX 3060, bumped up to 70% if you account for Frame Generation. Not mind-blowing numbers, but not terrible either.

A graph showing the power draw of the RTX 4060 and how much money it'll save in electricity versus the RTX 3060.

Nvidia also points to the RTX 4060’s low TDP as a reason to be excited about the GPU. With 110W to the RTX 3060’s 170W, the tech company reckons you could save over $100 if you live in Germany or the UK over four years, although it’s half that for those in the US.

Ultimately, it’s in Nvidia’s interests for the RTX 4060 to put out decent numbers in benchmarking, so we’d recommend waiting for our review. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 release date is June 29, and we’re excited to get our hands on the baby of the RTX 4000 family. Let’s hope Nvidia is right, and we can enjoy a solid generational upgrade compared to the RTX 3060.