Nvidia sold half a million AI GPUs in Q3 2023

Am Omdia report has revealed that Nvidia sold over 150,000 AI GPU units to Meta and Facebook, with 50,000 being bought by Google and Amazon.

Image of an Nvidia H100 GPU, on an orange and yellow background.

The Q3 2023 business quarter for Nvidia made it apparent that Team Green has been having a great year, with the tech giant’s revenue reported to have grown by a whopping 206%. A research organization has now revealed, that some of this success is down to a whopping half a million AI chips being sold.

To find out the key behind Nvidia and its continued growth, research firm Omdia looked to see what the company behind some of the best graphics cards was up to over the Q3 2023 business quarter. Through the firm’s digging, they were able to discover that AI graphics cards were a main contributing factor, with half a million behind sold to hugely notable corporations.

The AI cards being sold by the bucket load, or over 150,000 units for corporations like Meta and Microsoft, to be exact, were mostly Hopper H100, and Ampere A100 models. Other highly recognizable organizations, of the likes of Google, Amazon, and Tencent, were some of the biggest buyers of the AI GPUs too, according to Omdia, with each buying up approximately 50 thousand units.

While Nvidia has had an incredible amount of success during its Q3 2023 period, with the AI GPUs amounting to a revenue of around $18.12 billion, that doesn’t mean that its gaming graphics cards are being pushed to the side. A special address is being held at CES 2024, at the beginning of next year, likely to mark the announcement of the rumored 40 Super series graphics cards. The Nvidia RTX 5000 series is also poised to be the next line-up of graphics cards, although there hasn’t been any official release dates or details given as to when we can expect the next generation of pixel-pushers.

The breakdown of Nvidia and its Q3 revenue, by Omdia, has revealed that 2024 will likely continue this unimpeded growth, with demand for the AI GPUs continuing to rise. While we can only speculate on Team Green and its future successes, it’s likely that Nvidia could be one of the leading providers of AI chips for some time to come.

The Hopper H100 and Ampere A100 are likely to be a bit too expensive a chip to be integrated into your PC gaming setup any time soon, given they cost around $33k and $10k a piece, but picking up one of the best graphics cards can give your games, and PC the boost and power they’re looking for.