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Lords of the Fallen will have day-one FSR 3 and DLSS 3 support

RTX 40 series graphics cards like the RTX 4090, according to Nvidia, can boost Lords of the Fallen to a staggering 144 FPS, with the RTX 4080 producing 120 FPS.

A dark-fantasy character from Lords of the Fallen, standing with a sword in hand, with the Nvidia shade of green all around them.

Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming game from developer Hexworks, is set to launch with AMD FSR 3 and Nvidia DLSS 3 support from day-one. Becoming only the second PC game to release with these two integrated up-scaling technologies, Lords of the Fallen has shown significant frame rate gains when utilizing the AI-powered Frame Generative technologies.

Some of the best PC games of the year have launched without any signs of upscaling and frame generative technologies being present, only to have them featured down the line during a future update. However, Lords of the Fallen, is making use of the performance gains early, releasing day one with AMD FSR 3 and Nvidia DLSS 3 in tow.

The news initially came from a recently aired Twitch stream, where American YouTuber LIRIK, streamed the dark-fantasy RPG ahead of its release, where menu options were shown to give away the game’s FSR 3 and DLSS 3 inclusions. The news was then officially confirmed by, at least, Nvidia itself, announcing on its website that Lords of the Fallen will indeed launch with “day-one support for DLSS 3 Frame Generation, enabling GeForce RTX 40 Series gamers to crank up the settings and multiple their frame rates.”

Alongside the official announcement, Nvidia provided a glimpse of what performance gains we can expect from each RTX 40 series graphics card when it comes to the AI-powered Frame Generation. The GeForce RTX 4070 Ti utilized the next-gen tech, and according to Team Green, was able to churn out over 100 fps for Lords of the Fallen, with the non-Ti version comfortably producing over 60 FPS. The similarly high-powered GeForce RTX 4080 surpassed 120FPS, and the GeForce RTX 4090 soared higher with 144 FPS, showing clearly that so long as you have a RTX 40 series graphics card, you shouldn’t have to worry about low-frame rates when it comes to playing Lords of the Fallen upon release.

A graph from the Nvidia website, showcasing the frame rates reached in Lords of the Fallen by different RTX 40 series graphics cards.

While Nvidia has taken to showcasing its involvement with integrating DLSS 3 in Lords of the Fallen upon launch, AMD has yet to officially confirm the inclusion of FSR 3 in the Hexworks RPG. With the Lords of the Fallen release date just on the horizon, it won’t be long until we can see for certain, what both upscaling technologies do to bring the nightmarish fantasy world to life.

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