The first Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU may already be in production

Documents containing references to the RTX 4090 allegedly show that the flagship Nvidia GeForce graphics card is now being manufactured

RTX 4000: An Nvidia GeForce graphics card against a white-green background

PC gamers around the world are waiting with bated breath for Nvidia to unveil the first RTX 4000 GPU, ushering in a new generation of GeForce graphics cards and higher ceiling of pixel pusher performance. It seems this collective patience may soon pay off, as recently leaked documents indicate that the RTX 4090 may already be in production.

Images shared by harukaze5719 appear to show a printed factory schedule containing references to the RTX 4090, alongside some of its current generation counterparts, the RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti. The document also contains dates referring to when each GeForce graphics card is scheduled to enter and expected to exit the production line, with the flagship RTX 4000 card having entered the manufacturing stage on August 16.

Unfortunately, the expected date is partially obscured and only reveals that some units of team green’s best graphics card from its upcoming lineup should be ready at some point this month. This does at least indicate that we are possibly one step closer to the RTX 4000 release date, which should be kickstarted by the launch of the RTX 4090.

Team green remains tight-lipped when it comes to an official release date, so we’ll need to wait a little while longer to see just how reliable this document is, so keep plenty of pinches of salt handy in the meantime.