Melty Nvidia RTX 4090 adapter issue affects first custom cable

A Reddit user has shared photos of a melty CableMod Nvidia RTX 4090 connector, which suggests even third-party solutions are seemingly affected by the issue.

Nvidia RTX 4090 on orange backdrop with drop emoji on front

Looks like melty Nvidia GPU adapters are back on the menu, as third-party RTX 4090 cables are reportedly overheating. While Cablemod’s right-angled solution helps remedy the issue, the design flaw could still affect enthusiasts using the workaround product.

The Nvidia RTX 4090 sits pretty at the top of the best graphics card totem pole in terms of performance, but adapter issues haunt its benchmark success. Sure, it’ll gobble up the latest PC games and spit out 4K gameplay without breaking much of a sweat, but the feat was originally tainted by what could be a potential fire hazard.

Again, third-party solutions like the CableMod 12VHPWR Right Angle Adapter can circumvent the apparent design flaw, but new reports suggest there’s still a risk. Over on Reddit, Humble-Brilliant-654 shares images of a toasty cable connector, but doesn’t dive into specifics about the setup involved (via Videocardz).

That latter point is more important than you’d think, as Nvidia says the issue is caused by connectors not being inserted properly. Of course, even if you do take care to make sure the adapter is shoved all the way in, the socket’s placement and design means it’ll potentially loosen while you try to manage cables, leading to a melty situation potentially occurring within your case.

CableMod has already reached out to Humble-Brilliant-654, and the company says the RTX 4090 involved thankfully isn’t damaged. The adapter manufacturer says it has actually replaced GPUs in the past, so even if the worst-case scenario occurred, support seemingly has customers covered.

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It’s worth noting that the melty RTX 4090 adapter issue isn’t widespread, and Nvidia states that it’s “aware of about 50 cases globally” in its original November statement. There’s no reason to suggest substantially more users have been impacted by the issue since then, so if you’re planning on picking up the flagship GeForce graphics card, you should probably take the green team’s installation advice on board.