Oculus Quest Pro – release date, price, and specs of Meta’s headset

Will Meta's mixed reality headset take VR gaming to the next level? Here's everything we know about the Oculus Quest Pro

Despite the Oculus Quest 2 setting the bar for the best VR headset extremely high, we can expect even better devices in 2022. Meta (formerly known as Facebook) seems to have big plans for the virtual reality scene, and a new headset codenamed Project Cambria is at the epicentre of its metaverse ambitions.

While we suspect that Project Cambria is the new title for the previously rumoured Oculus Quest Pro, Meta’s keeping the device’s true identity close to its chest. However, it’s widely believed that it’ll offer a high-end mixed reality experience, and will distance itself from the Oculus Quest gaming headsets.

At the company’s debut Meta Connect conference in October 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg described Project Cambria as a “completely new advanced and high-end product.” That description is perhaps more fluffy than helpful, but we’ve collated everything we know about the Oculus Quest Pro in an effort to decipher the Meta headset’s price, release date, and specs.

Here’s everything we know about the Oculus Quest Pro:

Project Cambria teaser image from Meta conference

Oculus Quest Pro release date

Project Cambria doesn’t have a solid release date, but Meta says the new headset will release at some point in 2022. It’s worth noting that the Oculus Quest 2 was released 18 months after the original, so providing that release date trend continues, its successor could arrive by May.

Of course, the ongoing pandemic and component shortages could impact Project Cambria’s arrival date, so it’s best not to treat any release date predictions as gospel. There’s also the fact that the device looks to be a completely different beast from its predecessors, and its current ‘project’ label caveats potential changes and delays.

Oculus Quest 2 on white backdrop

Oculus Quest Pro Price

Meta hasn’t revealed Project Cambria MSRP, but Zuckerberg places it “at the higher end of the price spectrum.” This suggests the headset will cost more than the Oculus Quest 2, which retails for $299 USD.

Oculus Quest Pro specs

Just like the Oculus Quest 2, Project Cambria will be a wireless, standalone headset. Despite its standalone capabilities, you’ll likely be able to plug it into your gaming PC for increased fidelity and performance, and you might still be able to cut the cord using Oculus Air Link.

Project Cambria also boasts eye-tracking, a feature that provides users with another method of input. The tech also allows developers to implement foveated rendering, an adaptive scaling technique that reserves high resolutions for the player’s line of sight while scaling down everything else. Not only does this make everything you’re seeing in the virtual world is super sharp, but it also ensures none of the device’s processing power is going to waste.

Face tracking is another Project Cambria trick worth talking about, as the device’s sensors can replicate facial expressions in real-time. Naturally, this could play a role in making the Metaverse a reality, and adds another layer of communication and expression within virtual spaces.

Augmented reality is another part of the Project Cambria experience, as the headset will feature an external camera feed that isn’t limited to black and white. While the feature’s implementation probably won’t stack up against the likes of Microsoft’s Hololens, a device with transparent displays, the Oculus Quest Pro has an expanded field of view on its side.

Oculus Quest Pro controllers

We’ve not been given an official glimpse at the Oculus Quest Pro’s controllers, but leaked screenshots from an alleged Facebook Workplace video conference have popped up online. Shared by YouTuber Basti564, the image depicts two familiar-looking disc-shaped controllers that have infrared tracking cameras built-in, rather than tracking rings.

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no way of currently telling whether the controllers in the leaked screenshot are fake, prototypes, or a final revision. Nevertheless, hand tracking would make for a more reliable and accurate experience, an ambition that fits Project Cambria’s high-spec VR agenda.

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