Steve Jackson’s Ogre announced for PC, leviathan cybertanks inbound for 2017

ogre game

Ogre was legendary game designer Steve Jackson’s first boardgame, and now, thanks to a massively successful Kickstarter launched all the way back in 2012, we’ll be able to play it on PC. 

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The original Ogre is a turn-based game about futuristic tank warfare, featuring hexagonal maps strewn with obstacles, asymmetrical forces and of course the Ogre itself – a metal behemoth that can only be stopped by dozens of martyrial efforts. That’s a videogame everybody wants to see.

With an initial goal of just $20,000, the prospect of adapting Ogre into a game was only originally available as a stretch goal. With the Kickstarter nearly receiving a total of $1 million, that game was always promised, but now it’s finally been announced with a developer and everything.

The folks at Auroch Digital will be developing Ogre, which is ideal considering their work on Games Workshop titles Chainsaw Warrior and Dark Future, which is still in development. We’ve also got a rough release date for the digital adaptation, which should be rumbling onto Steam in 2017.