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Old School RuneScape’s official HD overhaul finally shown off by Jagex

Old School RuneScape's official HD mode has finally been unveiled by Jagex, and you won't be forced into using it if you don't like it.

Old School RuneScape HD: a polygonal man with long brown hair and a moustache

After reversing course and approving a fan-made Old School RuneScape HD mod for release, developer Jagex finally shows off its own OSRS HD Mode, which will include fully dynamic lighting, sunlight effects, fog, and a whole lot more.

According to Jagex, you won’t be forced into Old School RuneScape HD, with both the new and old visuals always available at your own discretion. Jagex adds that there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for feedback on the new HD visuals in the MMORPG as well.

“You can expect plenty of feedback opportunities – including beta tests – as we continue to refine HD mode in line with our community’s expectations. In fact, we plan to have a playable alpha in your hands very soon, followed by an always-on beta once we’re comfortable with its performance.”

You’ll also be able to switch between old and new visuals in the Settings menu with a couple of clicks, with dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, a new water system (coming in time for sailing), weather, and emissive materials for fires and sparks.

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Jagex also makes it very clear after the controversy around its attempt to take down fan works that you’ll still be able to use 117Scape and HDOS after OSRS officially gets HD plugins. Jagex adds “Our policy regarding these alternative clients remains the same.”

This follows Jagex’s initial decision a few years back to stop 117Scape’s own HD mod as it was working on this, only for community outcry seeing this decision end up reversed. You can find all of the in-depth details regarding the OSRS HD mode right here.

If we take Sailing as the yardstick, OSRS’s HD overhaul should be out by sometime in 2025. The alpha should be here soon though.

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