Old School RuneScape’s Trailblazer league kicks off next month

The new league sees ironmen and women competing against each other for two months

Jagex has revealed when you can play Old School RuneScape’s next league, Trailblazer. The OSRS Trailblazer release date is set for October 28, so mark it in your calendar.

If you’ve been out of the loop, the new league will last two months and be based in Misthalin. You start things off with a fresh account, and you have to complete tasks to unlock more areas. You may want to take a moment to ponder what areas those will be, though, as you can’t unlock them all. So it goes with RuneScape’s leagues, completing tasks will earn you points you can use to unlock Relics. It’s also worth noting that everyone will be playing as an ironman or ironwoman. That means no trading between players, and everyone’s experience rate will be five times faster. Also, to accommodate the increased number of iron players, certain shops are getting more supplies and accelerated restocking rates.

There are other changes on the way, too. The Dragon Slayer 2 quest unlock suggestion is getting removed, five Runecraft will be added as a starting stat, and the Dramen staff is being thrown into the starting equipment.

You can check out the shiny new trailer below, or head to Jagex’s website for more details.

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