Old School Runescape’s biggest ever update concludes a 17-year quest

Song of the Elves adds a raft of new content - including the elven city of Prifddinas

Old School RuneScape’s epic Elf Quest series is drawing to a close, but not without a huge sendoff. Its conclusion Song of the Elves has just launched and, with new challenges, baddies, a city, and more to encounter, it’s the biggest update the Old School game has seen – ever.

Song of the Elves has just been announced by OSRS studio Jagex today with a news post on its website and YouTube video showcasing some of its exciting new content, which you can check out for yourself below. Following on the from the Elf Quest storyline, which first kicked off way back in 2002 with Plague City, the new grandmaster quests will see you take on – and finally defeat – Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas, preventing the return of the Dark Lord.

Do this, and you’ll be rewarded. If you complete the Song of the Elves quest you’ll get to enter the legendary elven capital city – Prifddinas. As the blog post highlights, the city has been tucked away in the OSRS map since 2004, and now at last you’ll get to enter its ornamental gates. It’s brimming with unique shops for you to visit and people to meet, and at its heart lies the Tower of Voices in all its elven splendour. Each of the city’s zones, linked to one of eight clans, has its own special character – they’re for you to explore.

Highlights of the update also include some new PvM and skilling challenges for you to complete: Zalcano and The Gauntlet. Zalcano, a “powerful demon trapped by the elves at the time of the God Wars”, offers players a great chance to test out their mining, smithing and runecraft abilities.

The Gauntlet, a training ground for the elves’ greatest warriors, is for the bravest souls – you’ll have a timed challenge to get what you need for a final fight against a crystalline, wolflike boss – Hunllef. Oh, and it has randomly-generated rooms. Neat.

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Prifddinas is also packed with other activities to complete, like an agility course, dungeon, and more, all of which will yield Crystal Shards as rewards for completing them. Use these to charge up some of your weapons and equipment.

If you’re keen to get stuck in, you’ll need to meet the minimum unbosted stat requirements the studio has outlined in its news post. If you already do, you can jump in to Song of the Elves right now; it released today.