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Civilization 6 rival unveils huge new DLC full of stress and opulence

Old World, the rival 4X strategy game to Civilization 6 from the mind of Civ 4 lead Soren Johnson, details its new DLC Behind the Throne.

4X strategy game DLC Old World Behind the Throne is filled with stresses, strains, and opulence - A bearded man in a crown holds up a goblet.

While Civilization 7 is still yet to get a grand unveiling, there’s plenty more of the best 4X games on PC to keep you entertained. Alongside the interstellar adventure of Stellaris and the fantasy realms of Endless Legend, Old World is a more traditional historical take on the beloved strategy game format of exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating to directly rival Civilization 6. As part of the Triple-i Initiative showcase, developer Mohawk Games and publisher Hooded Horse reveals its next big add-on, Behind The Throne.

New Old World DLC Behind The Throne is focused on character-driven interactions, which is already an area where the 4X game stands out against some of its rivals, integrating more interpersonal narrative moments akin to those found in games such as Crusader Kings 3. Your leading figures will have to deal with the emergence of rival figures “with the popularity or authority to challenge your ruler in various ways.” This also plays into a stress mechanic that aims to replicate the pressures of the job, and gives you the opportunity to ease your worries with some good old-fashioned gambling, opulence, and so on.

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That means you’ll find new goals and ambitions in the pack, along with over ten new character traits ranging from ‘stressed’ and ‘impulsive’ to the simple yet damning ‘unpopular.’ That’s just the beginning, though. Also featured in the new pack are over 350 new events “mainly themed around politics, intrigue, and personal ambitions” that will further play into the stresses and strains of rule.

Six new historical figures have been introduced with the potential to turn into ‘rising stars’ – these are key political players that could evolve into your most valuable ally, or into the rival that ultimately brings you down. There are also three new improvements and projects on the go, with the ability to construct estates and slums, or to lean into opulence and take your mind off all that pressure with a life of lavishness and luxury.

Old World DLC Behind The Throne launches on Tuesday May 28 via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. In the meantime, you can currently find the base game for 30% off on Steam until Friday April 19, meaning you’ll pay just $27.99/£24.49 down from its usual price of $39.99/£34.99.

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