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Historical 4X game Old World adds over 100 famous faces in new DLC

Historical 4X strategy game Old World announces new DLC Wonders and Dynasties, which includes hundreds of famous characters from history.

Old World DLC Wonders and Dynasties adds over 100 famous faces - Akhenaten, an Egyptian leader, crosses their arms.

Old World, the historical 4X strategy game from developer Mohawk Games and publisher Hooded Horse, announces its new DLC pack Wonders and Dynasties. The new add-on for the empire-building game that comes from Civilization 4’s lead designer Soren Johnson introduces a hefty helping of additional content, with a focus on dynasty-related events and new character traits. It also includes eight wonders of the ancient world and more than 100 new faces from the annals of history.

Old World DLC Wonders and Dynasties introduces “30 brand new ways of starting your game” with the addition of new dynastic leaders to the 4X game. Each of the 30 leaders comes with unique starting modifiers, and they can be supported by any of the 120 new historical characters.

You’ll now be able to use the likes of Hannibal, who grants his units the ability to attack twice per turn, or Julius Caesar, whose steadfast units generate training by defeating enemies, making him fantastic at rapid expansion. Ramesses II starts with the ability to build chariots and can do so without the prerequisite to have horses, while Shammuramat can switch between Hero and Builder archetypes at will to make use of the bonuses from both.

There are 21 new character traits, each unique to a specific character, which grant you new opportunities or challenges. There are also over 100 new dynasty-related events, such as assassination attempts, state dinners, and famous historical interactions: “Re-enact the turbulent relation between Nero and Agrippa, stave off the murder of Stateira, or take on the ambition of Muršili II to prove his doubters,” Mohawk Games says.

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As mentioned, you’ll also have the chance to build eight new wonders of the ancient world. These include the Colosseum, which allows you to regularly spawn swordsmen for free, Al-Khazneh, which helps boost your trade potential with additional caravans and increased money earned, the Royal Library, which generates science for all foreign cities connected to it, and the Jerwan Aqueduct, a reliable source of free specialists.

Old World Wonders and Dynasties launches on Thursday, January 11, 2024. You can head to the Steam store to add it to your wishlist, and it’ll also be available via the Epic Games Store and GOG.

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