DRM-free gets freer: GOG’s Adrenaline Rush event promises hidden game giveaways all day

Omerta: City of Gangsters, and free things.

GOG have successfully one-upped the Steam Summer Sale. I’m not sure they’ve worked out how they’re going to make any money out of it yet, but they’ve certainly cracked the code: they’re giving away games for free.

You’ve probably just missed grabbing Omerta: City of Gangsters for the cost of a paper towel at a motorway service station. But it’ll be followed by three more giveaways throughout the day.

The free games will be buried among the Flash Deals on GOG’s front page, which have been emerging on the hour. If Omerta is anything to go by, they’ll each be available for three hours.

“That’s only the first of the giveaways we have planned for today, so make sure to keep an eye out for more throughout the Adrenaline Rush day,” write GOG.

“It’s warm and nice outside, the summer draws ever closer, so let’s make sure it’s full of fantastic games. There’s no one good way to spend your summer, but we know well that gaming can make every single one of them better.”

A persuasive argument. What’re you hoping will pop up? Omerta’s a fairly recent game, so anything’s potential sale fodder.

Thanks, PC Gamer.