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Steam Summer Sale Day 5: holidaying on Greek islands with puckish rogues

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 5

It’s day five of the Steam Summer Sale; how’s your wallet holding up? We’ve got a long way to go before the end is in sight and another day of prices dropping like my pants at the doctor’s.

Within today’s offerings are only a few standouts so far, but there are more community’s choice and flash sales yet to come. So be like an eagle and prey on smaller birds and livestock keep an eye out.

Daily Deals:

Arma III is great, and is only getting better. When I covered at launch, I was impressed with the military sandbox and the gorgeous, fictional Greek islands it’s spread across, but it’s grown a lot since then, with free DLC story campaigns, countless mods and overhauls and more premium DLC down the line. The discount isn’t as large as the other daily deals, but you’re still getting an ambitious, evolving game for the price of a good dinner. If that good dinner costs £17.99/$29.99, that is.

Saints Row IV is ridiculous. When it’s not lampooning other games, movies, comics and the kitchen sink, it’s an empowering action game that captures super powers in a way that few other titles have managed. And it’s a lot more clever than any game where you can get a blowjob from a robot or sing with an intergalactic dictator while riding in a stolen car has a right to be. For £7.49/$9.99, it’s a bit of a steal.

FTL is one of a few titles with roguelike proclivities on sale today, and it’s the best. Risk of Rain and Rogue Legacy are definitely worth a look as well, though. While the roguelike elements give it a permadeath intensity and its challenge, it’s the emergent stories that play out that has always tickled my fancy the most. I feel like I’ve played through dozens of really tragic episodes of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. If that floats your spaceship, you might want to drop £2.79/$3.99 on it. It was recently upgraded to the Advanced Edition, with new ships, aliens, components and encounters chucked into the already meaty mix.

Flash Sale:

The Current flash sale doesn’t demand a huge amount of attention. Though Magic 2014 seems like a solid deal – the complete pack will only set you back £6.74/$8.74. The next edition is due out very soon, though.

Community’s Choice:

I do assume that everyone already has a copy of Magicka. Paradox has it on sale a lot, and throws copies around like confetti. That’s fine, as it’s a bloody good game. But if there are still a few folk left who haven’t snatched this, then you should do so now. Combine magic spells to create countless hybrids and then fire them at friends and enemies alike. If you’ve got friends you want to get rid off, playing co-op Magicka with them is a great way to end the relationship. It’s only £1.49/$2.49, to boot.

So that’s day five. Have you splashed out or are you playing it safe for today.