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OmniBus is basically the movie Speed in a retro-styled world


It’s time for another Devolver Digital special. This time the publisher have brought OmniBus to the fore, a game about trying to do tasks while the large rectangular vehicle you’re inhabiting constantly accelerates. The only guidelines are that you don’t want to drive off the edge or land motionless on your side/roof. Ramming through, jumping over and careening around everything in your way is fine.

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Absolutely none of that is explained in the trailer of course, which is an alternate history piece including marvellously photoshopped tweets and lots of pure facts about how OmniBus was developed.

4:3 aspect ratio and everything. That’s how you know it’s real.

If you like to actually know things about videogames, I recommend the Steam page, where a few screenshots and a bit of blurb will give you the info you need. Like it being styled after a PS1 game, featuring four player multiplayer and being out sometime this Spring. It’s split between a story mode, which probably won’t tell much of a story but will at least feature structured missions with goals, and a freeplay hi-score mode about driving through buildings and into walls and so on.

For a better taste, there’s an old demo still hanging around on Itch.io for free. I tried playing it on a keyboard and it wasn’t particularly fun to control, so I’d recommend a 360 pad if yours isn’t buried under a pile of clothes somewhere in the horrifying pit in which you live. I also don’t know how old it is, but presumably the full version will be a little more featured, explained and, well, enjoyable.