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OneXPlayer makes its AMD handheld gaming PC Steam Deck size

A new AMD version of the OneXPlayer Mini has arrived, and the handheld gaming PC packs a Ryzen 5800U into a smaller Steam Deck sized shell

onexplayer handheld gaming PC on orange and black backdrop

One-netbook has taken a cue from the Steam Deck, shrinking its AMD CPU-powered OneXPlayer into a miniature handheld gaming PC. Equipped with a Ryzen 5800U CPU and a 7-inch screen, the portable powerhouse matches Valve’s smaller screen while packing specs comparable to the Ayaneo Next.

The form factor of the new OneXPlayer Mini will feel somewhat familiar, simply swapping out Intel for AMD. Yet, its eight-core Ryzen 5800U chip makes for a substantial upgrade, with speeds of up to 4.4Ghz. At face value, the Onexplayer should outperform the Steam Deck, especially since its Aerith APU maxes out at 3.5Ghz. Benchmark tests might paint a completely different performance picture, but the prospect of higher clock speeds could help justify its higher price point.

Speaking of cost, the new OneXPlayer Mini starts at $999 USD for the 512GB model, which includes a 1080p IPS display, 16GB RAM, and a 12,600mAh battery. On paper, the OneXPlayer’s battery should run rings around the Steam Deck, but your mileage will vary based on how hard you push the device with high settings and newer releases.

The OneXPlayer Mini goes on sale today, April 7 2022, at 9am PST, and you could grab up to 21% off thanks to a launch day discount. This newcomer could entice enthusiasts waiting for Valve’s mini PC, especially if you’ve not got a Steam Deck Q2 pre-order pending. That said, at more than double the price, the OneXPlayer Mini will likely appeal more to people who are sticklers for specs, rather than the average user looking for on-the-go access to their Steam library.

Person holding OneXPlayer handheld gaming PC

Until Valve releases SteamOS to third-party devices, the OneXPlayer runs Windows 11 by default. This means it arrives with next to no compatibility issues, but your navigation is likely to be a little less smooth since Microsoft’s operating system isn’t designed for handhelds.