Order of Battle announces roll call for new US Marines expansion

Order of Battle US Marines

Just over two weeks ago, Order of Battle: Pacific launched its most recent Morning Sun expansion head-first into the trenches. Combat “on the largest of Earth’s oceans is far from being over,” however, and now developers The Aristocrats have announced US Marines is en route and has entered its beta phase.

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Whereas previous Order of Battle outings have focused on very specific WW2 campaigns, US Marines, as the name might suggest, hones in on “one of the most famous branches of the US Army: the Marines.”

In an 11-scenario campaign, the forthcoming add-on will feature iconic battles involving the Marines, such as Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.

“Six months after Pearl Harbour, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere has reached its peak of expansion,” reads an update on the game’s Steam Community page. “Australia and New Zealand are under direct threat, weakening more and more the American ability to intervene in the Pacific. Only decisive actions to take the initiative could allow the Allies to re-establish a naval and air superiority over the Imperial Army.”

“And that tiny island named Guadalcanal seems like the best place to start…”

Order of Battle: US Marines is due for release in the next few weeks, however it’s now entered beta testing. The Aristocrats are keen for players to sign up now in order to ensure a “smooth release” – which can be done over here if you so wish.