Origin is getting a sexy makeover

EA Origin

Origin is getting a makeover, so you’ll be able to browse its sexy, new-look store and see your games, friends and all that good stuff in more readable fashion, once it goes live.

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The Origin client used to look fine, but it wasn’t very user-friendly. It was difficult to tell when things were downloading and updating, and finding who’s playing what was nowhere near as slick as Steam’s system.

EA are currently testing a complete UI redesign for the client. The new changes are available to those who opt-in Origin’s beta programme, though you can have a quick look on NeoGAF if you just can’t wait because the excitement is too much for you.

It’s all tile-based and looks nice and slick like a Italian mobster’s hairdo.

The chat/friends list buttons have been moved to the bottom, and you game library has also been reorganised – you can now actually tell when a game is downloading or updating, and you can see when your friends are playing. The future is here!

Opt into the beta branch on Origin to get these changes now.