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Unique new fighting game with chaotic physics is finally hitting Steam

When there isn’t enough chaos in your gaming, OutRage is coming along to introduce a massive multiplayer melee mashup into your life.

Unique new fighting game with chaotic physics is finally hitting Steam: A character from OutRage dressed as a pink dinosaur kicks out with a stunning attack.

Battle royale games are enduringly popular for a reason. There’s something almost primal in defeating all comers to stand alone at the end of a round, victorious where so many have fallen. OutRage takes that sense of violent achievement to the next level in a chaotic 16 player brawler that will see you knock out your opponents on the path to victory. After a free demo, the time is coming to get your hands on the early access launch and it’s coming sooner than you might think.

Smashing together party and fighting games, OutRage: Fight Fest takes 16 players and asks them to knock the snot out of each other, with only one taking the crown. Each round is designed to be short and utterly filled with chaos with almost no delay in between you and getting your fists into the action. There’ll be no waiting for the match to get going, you’re thrust right into the center of each fight right from the start. In addition to a 16 player battle royale mode, you’ll also be able to dive into a 4v4 team brawl and a capture the flag mode, giving plenty of variety.

Of course the overwhelming draw has to be the sheer slapstick violence of the game. While it requires keen reactions and full use of your movement skills to stay alive and take down your enemies, there’s a huge amount of party fun injected into the game. Everything can be a weapon and the environments are fully destructible, meaning you can play carefully but more often than not you’ll be diving into the middle of the action, smashing everyone with whatever you can get your hands on.

This immediate and joyful approach to mixing up the genre is key to understanding what developer Hardball Games is aiming for. “We really wanted to give players the opportunity to party together in a way that was fun and didn’t involve the time sink that most multiplayer games require,” Founder Jason Avent says. “We wanted to put them straight at the heart of the battle. Making the game easy to get into and enjoyable in short sessions, but also offer a depth of gameplay to those looking to be more strategic in wrangling the chaos of 16 players, all fighting for victory at once.”

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OutRage: Fight Fest will release into early access on Tuesday July 16th. If you can’t wait until then, you can head over to the game’s Steam page to download the free demo and try it out today.

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