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Outward 2 is real, as one of the most underrated RPGs finally returns

Outward 2 is finally actually happening, as one of the most underrated RPG games, that feels like co-op Skyrim, makes its glorious return.

Outward 2 confirmed: A hero fights a monster in new RPG game Outward 2

The bar for quality and triple-A production value is set extremely high right now. We’re accustomed to mainstream games that look great, sound great, and that we can play endlessly without encountering any bugs or gameplay lumps. Naturally, this leaves some games out in the cold – they might have great ideas, original features, and a strong vision, but if they don’t hit that high level of polish, they’ll never make it to the Steam top 50. Outward, from Nine Dots Studio, is a great example. An RPG in the traditional sense – totally open, driven entirely by choice, with very little restriction – it also allowed for online and split-screen co-op, something that has only been achieved in Skyrim thanks to mods. One of the best games to play with a friend, Outward has rightfully earned cult status. But it deserves more. After years of speculation, a full sequel is finally on its way. Outward 2 could be the breakthrough moment for one of PC’s most underrated RPG games.

Outward 2 is attempting to build on everything that made the original RPG game shine, while also plugging some of the gaps. The character customization system, that earned the first Outward some criticism from fans and reviewers alike, has been completely reworked. Likewise, the overworld is now filled with more NPCs and non-combat encounters, and given more vivid life thanks to seasonal weather and a dynamic day and night cycle.

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The combat in Outward also earned a few raised eyebrows, but Nine Dots has rebuilt the system entirely. You can now dual wield, and the overall responsiveness of attacks and blocks has been significantly improved. In short, we still have the vast, open-ended, choice-driven foundations of the original Outward, combined with the survival mechanics and co-op that truly made it special. But now, everything has more substance, polish, and flair.

From Skyrim to Starfield, The Witcher to Baldur’s Gate 3, so many open-world games tell you that you can go anywhere, do anything. But then you’re hit with leveled encounters and soft barriers that hem you towards certain locations and quests. Outward 2 dispenses with all of that. There are no leveled encounters, and no hand holding. It’s you, a friend, and the world. We’re still waiting on a release date, but you can wishlist Outward 2 right here.

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