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New Steam FPS, playable now, is like a huge sequel to Battlefield 1

Channeling the large-scale, WW1 combat of Battlefield 1, a new Steam FPS feels like a sequel to EA’s superb shooter, and you can try it now.

Over The Top WW1 Steam FPS game: A soldier charging into battle in Steam FPS game Over The Top WW1

Battlefield 1 remains a high point in the EA DICE FPS series. Brutal, realistic, and with a distinctive WW1 aesthetic compared to many of its modern-lilted genre peers, it’s been almost eight years since BF1 first launched, and no other shooter has successfully followed in its footsteps – until now. Available to play today, a new FPS combines first and third-person combat across battles with 200 players. Sprawling, grueling, and very, very loud, if you miss Battlefield 1, you owe it to yourself to try this.

Welcome to Over The Top: WW1, a new FPS game created by former modders for Mount and Blade. Playing as any of the central powers during The Great War, you’re thrown into a frantic, large-scale battlefield where every weapon and vehicle you see can be accessed and used. The main appeal here is of course the 200-person multiplayer, but if you want to play solo, that’s possible, too – the entire game can be played against and alongside bots, so you can hone your skills before taking on live opponents.

There’s a map editor that lets you build your own battlefield, and you can play as either an infantry soldier, an artillery gunner, a tank commander, or one of several specialist classes like the engineer, whose job is to construct defenses and supply frontline troops with ammunition.

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There are 50 different weapons, ten varieties of artillery, and six vehicles to pilot. You can even use your bayonet – melee combat in Over The Top uses a directional system similar to Mount and Blade, adding a nice difficulty curve and extra depth to those up-close encounters.

Environments are fully destructible, the time of the day and the weather can change mid-battle, and bullet physics are accurately modeled – no hit scan. If you want to try Over The Top: WW1 for yourself, the first demo is available right now, right here. As for a full release date, Over The Top is scheduled to launch later in 2024.

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