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Steam’s most chaotic co-op game is less than the price of a meal

One of the most popular co-op games of all time, Overcooked 2, is on a massive sale on Steam as the game is currently a whopping 75% off.

Overcooked 2 Steam sale: an onion king walking a dog with sunglasses

Overcooked 2 is both the most powerful and dangerous co-op game of all time. Anyone who has played either of the Overcooked games has had this experience before: You’ve sat with a friend to whip up some delicious meals as fast as possible, and before you even realize it, you’re in a full-on screaming match about not overcooking the meat, laughing your tail off like a maniac all along the way. For those who haven’t had that experience, boy have I got the sale of a lifetime for you.

Overcooked 2 is the beloved follow-up to the legendary co-op original, Overcooked. The sequel didn’t change anything fundamental about the game, keeping the basics of its addicting and oftentimes chaotic cooking, cutting, and plating gameplay. The sequel focused on adding many requested features including online co-op, an arcade mode, and even a versus mode.

Overcooked has a basic set of core gameplay mechanics as players control a chef in a kitchen fulfilling orders by prepping and cooking a selection of dishes within a set time limit. The game relies on real kitchen tenants like time management for each order and even cleaning dishes to plate on. Oh, and they’ll throw wacky level design at you like zero gravity, ramping up the difficulty of getting those peckish patrons their orders.

The addition of online co-op made Overcooked 2 the much more desired version of the game, especially for PC players looking to play with friends over the internet. The sequel also has longer levels, more levels overall, and even more challenges for the completionists out there. Specifically, the game added a fourth star you can acquire after you’ve beaten the base game, making it just that much harder to 100%.

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For readers who haven’t had the chance to experience the magic that is Overcooked 2’s co-op, you’re in luck, as the game’s developers Team17 have put the game, along with its various DLC contents, on a mega sale for an entry price less than an actual meal.

Overcooked 2 is on sale on Steam until Monday, April 8 for 75% off at $6.24 / £4.94. If you’re looking to buy Overcooked 2 alongside all the DLC, you can grab that for $16.84 / £13.34 as well.

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