Three enemy Ana players in Overwatch can force you to be kicked for inactivity

Ana Amari in-game

Ana is a bit good, eh? She’s a healer that can help out her team from the other side of the map. She can also put enemy players to sleep. Well, it turns out three Anas can put a player to sleep permanently, removing them from the match. 

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Luckily, needing three Ana players on your team means this only works in Quick Play. The new one-hero-per-team rule in Competitive Play puts this tactic to sleep.

This is probably the harshest thing you can do to someone in Overwatch.

Sitting around a player, you all just need to take it in turns firing sleep darts at them. Do it for long enough and they are kicked for inactivity. I told you it was harsh. Funny though.

Here’s an example:

It’s also worth noting that this example was recorded before “>yesterday’s Ana buff. She can now shoot quicker and her rifle holds two more rounds. Perhaps you could now do it with two Ana players. Let us know if you try it out.