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Another Overwatch hero appears: Widowmaker

Overwatch Widowmaker

These Overwatch videos are coming in fast. Yesterday we were introduced to the gorilla scientist, Winston, and today it’s sniper and assassin, Widowmaker. She like to kill before she’s even been spotted, and you can see her in action in the unedited match below.

With her grapple hook ability, Widowmaker can get out of trouble and find better vantage points before taking out enemies with her sniper rifle. And if they try to reach her, they might end up getting dosed with poison from one of her handy venom mines.

Widowmaker’s ultimate ability is the ultimate sniper’s trick: she’s able to see through walls. When she fires this ability up, her teammates get this handy vision mode as well. It’s only temporary though.

Overwatch is hitting beta this autumn.