Overwatch Battle Royale is basically one of the new Workshop game modes

The new Overwatch Workshop has template game modes to inspire creators, one of which is basically battle royale


Not only did Blizzard surprise us with the Overwatch Workshop yesterday, enabling players to make their own game modes and character designs, but it also added some templates to inspire said players. One of those is basically a battle royale mode.

It’s called Fire Dome, and it adds a shrinking dome over the capture point on certain maps. If you’re outside the dome, you take damage – just like a battle royale. That’s the only major change, which means there are still a few kinks and imbalances. For one, if you die when the dome has shrunk beyond a certain size, it’s impossible to get back inside it from the spawn point without dying, as you can see in this clip from Master Ian Gamer.

Making the mode free-for-all and scattering everyone’s spawn points are two obvious changes that a Workshop user could make to build a better battle royale from Blizzard’s template. Weapon pickups might also be possible, but if we’re honest, map size is probably going to be the big limitation.

Here’s some more footage of the new modes, including Fire Dome, from Overwatch YouTuber Stylosa:

YouTube Thumbnail

To try some of the new modes out, simply head to the game browser within Overwatch. The yellow hammer icon over ‘game mode’ indicates a Workshop game, and Blizzard’s templates are each numbered, which should help you find them if you sort by the game mode column. Fire Dome is mode number five.

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There has been a flurry of awesome Workshop creations since the feature went live yesterday, including the long-desired Silver Surfer Mei. We’ve got a list of the best Overwatch Workshop codes so you can take them for a spin. Someone is bound to make a decent battle royale at some point, but in the meantime, we can recommend Gun Game and D.Va’s Bumperkart (everyone’s D.Va with unlimited boosters in a tiny arena, and you have to boop other players out to win).