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Overwatch Workshop codes: best scripts and creations

Looking for the best Overwatch Workshop codes to play with your friends? Here are the finest scripts we’ve found so far

overwatch workshop codes best scripts

Looking for a list of the best Overwatch Workshop codes? Blizzard has finally released modding and scripting tools for Overwatch in the form of Workshop, a new part of the Game Browser that gives you some light scripting and modding tools so you can tweak heroes, make new game modes, and potentially much more.

Your scripts and creations can be saved and shared with other players via Overwatch Workshop codes, so if you invent the next hit Overwatch game mode you can post it straight to Reddit or share among your pals. To give you some examples of what’s possible, you can create ‘floor is lava’ modes or completely reconfigure the way a particular hero works, like letting Torbjörn fly. To share scripts you simply click Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Share. Then copy the code and send it to others.

For now, the Overwatch Workshop is only available on PC via the PTR, however when all the problems and kinks are resolved it will make its way to the main game, both on PC and consoles.

We’re in the very early stages of Workshop, but here are the best Overwatch Workshop codes:

Floor is Lava – TGT12

This is effectively the same as Blizzard’s own Molten Floor mode that is provided as an example ruleset for Workshop users. The goal: stay alive and in the air as long as possible.

Dva’s bumperkart – 6ZBX5

This is genius, plain and simple. This Overwatch Workshop code casts every player as D.Va with unlimited boosters in a tiny arena. All you have to do is boop other players out of the arena to win.

Helicopter-Watch – E5NGZ

Here’s what Overwatch would be like if you could control every character like a helicopter. It’s mad and we love it.

Anti-teabag – 3ZAXM

We hate toxicity here at PCGamesN, so here’s an Overwatch Workshop code that kills players for crouching too much or too often.


Overwatch players have been hungering for a gun game-inspired mode for years. Race other players to get a kill with every hero in the game.

Silver Surfer Mei – JBWH8

Here’s an example of how you can tweak heroes with Overwatch Workshop. This script turns adds a speed modifier to Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, so if you fire it at the floor and run over it you travel much faster.

Basic Freeze Tag – G4NA0

There’s no win condition for this code, but it’s a neat alternative to hide and seek.

Mass Rez – 7WCQH

Still sour about Blizzard removing mass rez from Mercy? This Overwatch Workshop code brings back the beloved ability.

[Workshop] Katamari Hammacy from Overwatch

Katamari Hammacy – TQ1V4

Keita Takahashi’s Katamari Damacy has come to Overwatch – kind of. Thanks to one player’s efforts, you can now play an Overwatch-themed version that puts Hammond in the role of the Katamari, rolling up other heroes as he goes.

The Unbannable Aimbot – PD5YF

Aimbotting has always been a dirty word in gaming, though we’ve all been curious as to what it would be like to use one. If that’s you get that urge out your system with this Aimbot mode.

6v6 Teabag Mode – R98SS

Teabagging will inevitably ruin somebody’s day. Thanks to this game mode, however, it can kill them, too. 6v6 Teabag Mode locks you into using Ana and has you using her sleep dart to prime players for, well, y’know.

Hammond Racing – JWY47

Think you have what it takes to be the fastest Hammond main in Overwatch? This new game mode pits you against 11 other players using the chonky-cheeked speedster in a race across Numbani.

Apex Legends Ping System – W845S

Respawn broke the mould with Apex Legends’ ping system. So it’s no surprise that players implemented the mechanic into Overwatch as soon as they could. Use this mechanic to ping enemies to let your team know their location.

Emote to Kill – 0V9FF

The Workshop has created endless new ways to get killed in Overwatch. Now, thanks to this six-on-six deathmatch-style mode, you can add emotes to that list.

Battle Royale – 4J2XH

Battle royale modes are everywhere, and now that includes Overwatch. Here, the zone always ends inside the map and has three phases in which players gradually get slower.

Walking Bastion in Turret – 8E1CK

Bastion in Sentry form has always been a deadly foe thanks to his damage output. His weakness? He can’t move. It’s no surprise, then, that keen modders were quick to patch over the Omnic’s weak spot when given a chance.

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Expect the community to come up with plenty more over the coming weeks while Overwatch Workshop is being tested on the PTR. Blizzard have also made a few modes themselves, including the closest thing we’ve seen to an Overwatch battle royale mode. So be sure to check out the example rule sets and scripts in Workshop, too.